#movebeyond is what comes after #metoo

The wounds have been exposed, we learned we are Not Alone, now dear sisters – and brothers – in trauma
 It’s time for the next step. 
2017 was the year of the Reveal : 2018 we MoveBeyond & Heal
#MoveBEYOND is a movement that Provides FREE Resources and Support for victims of sexual abuse
The aim is for Worldwide healing for our sexual abuse wounds.
Individual and collective.

#movebeyond was born on Jan 28th 2018. The 3rd anniversary of my #metoo story.


Please let us know how we can reach you in order to connect you with resources to support your healing journey.

The resources that will be offered through #movebeyond are not meant to replace trauma therapies or other treatments.
They are gifts of compassion, offered by trained professionals, who have also felt the pain of #metoo
They want to introduce themselves to you, by sharing something that will help you recover and transform.

Take whatever feels right for you.
Leave anything that doesn't resonate with your Highest Self.
Share #movebeyond with other Survivors & Providers
Let Global Healing and personal emPOWERment
be what flowers from this sh*t!
Share your experiences so we can all learn and grow together.
It's time to talk about the things we don't talk about.

Let's #MoveBeyond Together



Do you resonate with the #metoo movement and have a resource or service you can offer for FREE?
It must be tailored Specifically toward helping people MoveBeyond Sexual Abuse.  

The goal of #movebeyond is to co-create Worldwide healing for our sexual abuse wounds. Individual and collective.

 You are invited to offer your best Electronic deliverable. In addition to being a hero, or shero, if they like what they see they'll likely want to know more about what else you do.

The dream is that millions of people will be helped by #movebeyond. That EVERYONE who has been sexually abused has access to help.
With this in mind, please make sure you will not be exhausting your own resources in your offering.